Thank you for visiting Limelight Productions Inc. for your cheer music needs. Please take the time to browse our site, listen to demos, and get started on our easy process to get awesome music! We were one of the first companies to be approved for the preferred vendors of USA Cheer.  Contact us today for any questions you may have! We are the definition of cheer music.


We provide custom and generic vocals for your mixes. Each vocal is processed by our audio engineer to ensure quality and clarity. We can include harmonies, autotune, and can even write lyrics! Please visit Loud N' Clear Vocals for your ordering process.

All vocals recorded through Loud N' Clear will include a license that allows you to use them in your own projects. With the new rules in place from USA Cheer and Varsity, your orders will be 100% compliant and you will have free and editable use only in your mixes.